Francis Mahaffy: Saho and Afar materials

Francis E. Mahaffy (in 1954)

The following Adobe Acrobat files are Saho and Afar language materials developed by the Rev. Francis E. Mahaffy, who served as a missionary of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, working in Eritrea from 1945 until 1968.

Afar Grammar (3,634 KB) A grammar of the Afar (Dankali) language

Translating the Gospel of John

Injil Yohannes (Gospel of John in Saho) (3,183 KB)

Saho Primer 1 (475 KB)

Saho Primer 2 (2,650 KB)

Saho: Questions and Answers (a brief catechism) (1,455 KB)

Saho tract “inki yalli yane” (There Is But One God) (145 KB)

Saho tract “yosef” (Joseph) (846 KB)